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Get the hilarious family-friendly game of hit or miss party tricks today

A Laugh Out Loud Game

Cards That Make You lol is a fun, family-friendly game inspired by the amazing things some people can do that other’s can’t, like: wiggle their ears, roll their eyes, and pick things up with their toes.

Simple, but not easy—this fun and interactive game aims to reveal the hidden useless talents you might not even know you have and learn strange things about your friends and family in the process.

Prepare to be amazed, bewildered, and tickled with every new challenge!

  • PICKED AS KICKSTARTER’S “PROJECTS WE LOVE”, this hilarious family friendly game will instigate raucous laughter, promotes cooperative teamwork, and prioritizes inclusiveness for all players of variable ability
  • CARDS THAT MAKE YOU LOL is a “Laugh out loud” PARTY game for kids, teens, and adults who want a fun card game for families that brings everyone together with humor and quirky challenges (2-16+ players, ages 4 and up)
  • PHYSICAL & MENTAL CHALLENGES – Get Active with both mental and physical challenges. Let your inner child run free as you lower your inhibitions and focus on the hilarious tasks at hand
    more about yourself and your crew in 15 – 30 minutes of game time
  • QUICK & SIMPLE TO PLAY – This gift favorite takes 1 minute to learn
    and each box contains 180 unique cards for excellent replayability

How to Play

Laughter Guaranteed!

The objective of the game is to have fun win or lose! Get the benefit of a cooperative and light hearted competitive game, all in one!


In Stitches Games was founded in 2019 with the mission to create side splitting interactions that bring out our inner child and cultivates a feeling of togetherness without intense competition. 

Our debut card game, Cards That Make You lol, offers a little bit of everything for everyone: strategy, luck, physicality, skill, and of course, lots of laughter.

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Played with me and my boyfriend on a low key date night

Rated 5 out of 5
July 22, 2020

Fast delivery. Sturdy packaging and quality cards! The BF and I played this on a low key date night and really enjoyed getting to know things about each other that we did not know like that he can wiggle his ears and lick his elbow. It’s a really good game for two and I would venture to say would be a great icebreaker for new couples as well as those who have been together forever


Kicked off our large game night right

Rated 5 out of 5
June 30, 2020

Entertaining! Excellent party starter that had us (a group of about 15 silly millennials) cracking up. Pretty straightforward rules and quirky challenges. The shed a tear on command card was particularly interesting since we had some actors in our midst.


Our 3 kids loved it - wonderful family friendly game

Rated 5 out of 5
June 3, 2020

We enjoyed a spirited game with the kids and it turns out they get their talents from their mother.
We decided to go with the alternate updated rules, although our box contained the original game rules from an early print run.
Glad we found this game. One of our top five games for family game night

Eric Alane

Really unique game

Rated 5 out of 5
March 15, 2020

I gotta say, the premise of this game is very unique. party trick! Who wouldve thought? We broke out cards that make you lol on our family camping trip and it was a big hit. My son will take them out and just try to do the challenges even by himself. He’s convinced he can train himself to master certain tricks. I also did not know I was capable of doing so many party tricks. The way we played is we presented two or three cards and voted on which one we would do. It’s best played with a really fun group of willing individuals


Cards That Make You lol actually lives up to its name!

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