Game Night Just Got Funnier

Get the family-friendly game of hit or miss party tricks, where players are guaranteed to be entertained and entertaining.

A Laugh Out Loud Game

Cards That Make You lol is a fun, family-friendly game inspired by the amazing things some people can do that other’s can’t, like: wiggle their ears, roll their eyes, and pick things up with their toes.

Simple, but definitely challenging—this fun and interactive game aims to reveal the hidden useless talents you might not even know you have and learn strange things about your friends and family in the process.

Prepare to be amazed, bewildered, and tickled with every new challenge!

Quick Rounds

Physical & Interactive

Laughter Guaranteed

How to Play

Form Teams

Divide equally into 2 or more teams. 

Any player reads a card aloud.

Place Your Bets

Teams discreetly predict how many players on the other team will be able to complete the activity written on the card.


Everyone attempts the challenge. Failure to try results in the other team getting an automatic point! The difference between your guess and the number of your opponents who completed the challenge determines your score.


In Stitches Games was founded in 2019 with the mission to create side splitting interactions that bring out our inner child and cultivates a feeling of togetherness without intense competition. 

Our debut card game, Cards That Make You lol, offers a little bit of everything for everyone: strategy, luck, physicality, skill, and of course, lots of laughter.

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Entertaining! Excellent party starter that had us cracking up

Maria Cena

Game Meetup Organizer

We enjoyed a spirited game with the kids and it turns out they get their talents from their mother.

Eric Alane


Cards That Make You lol actually lives up to its name!

Amy R.

Game Cafe Owner

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