Cards That Make You lol


The Game of Hit or Miss Party Tricks


Simple, but far from easy, Cards That Make You lol is inspired by the weird and spectacular things people can do: roll their eyes, wiggle their ears, raise one eyebrow, and even pick things up with their feet.

Bet on your friends’ and family’s stranger abilities, attempt hilarious challenges, and prepare to be entertained and entertaining as you discover and reveal hidden talents you never thought could come in handy!


Laugh out loud funny, Cards That Make You lol will test you on the strange, cool, and quirky things that us wacky humans can do—but seeing people try to no avail to roll their eyes, or wiggle their ears is only half of the fun. Work as a team to place bets on who in your circle is packing hidden talents to rack up points, and maybe even discover amazing abilities you never knew you had.

2 reviews for Cards That Make You lol

  1. Sarah

    This is a pretty fun game to play with kids. I was surprised by how many things they could do and since playing it yesterday, how determined they are to master some of the challenges. We laughed a lot and our family will be playing it again.

  2. Elaine

    I love that you can jump right in because the rules are clear and simple. High quality cards, compact and portable, high replay value. Got the game super fast and it was a hit at our game night, so no complaints

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