The power of laughter cannot be overstated. It can heal, melt away stress, bring people together, leave you feeling refreshed, and even burn calories. But the best part of it all is that we all can laugh at anytime, anyplace, all for free!

So, given all its proven benefits, how often are you imbibing?

Sadly, chances are the answer to that question is, not nearly as much as you could or used to, if you think about how often and freely you laughed as a child!.

There have been claims that children laugh about 300 times a day while adults eek out a paltry 20 chuckles in the same time frame. Of course the numbers are sure to vary according to the individual, but it definitely seems like as we get up in age the more serious we become.

In Stitches Games hopes to change that by creating unique, cheeky, and absurd circumstances that leave you no choice but to burst into joyous, giddy, whimsical laughter again. Seriously, that is our foremost goal (hence our eponymous brand)—and that is no laughing matter!

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