With everyone’s busy lifestyle it can be easy to lose touch with the people we care about the most. But human beings were made to connect and we feel the most fulfilled with relationships that go further than surface level.

So how do we bridge this gap of busy schedules and the need to bond? Well, there’s no way around it: carve time out to interact with one another face to face.

Now, we know it may not seem like there is any time to spare, but given the average time spent watching Hulu and Netflix, browsing amazon and other shopping sites, and fooling around on social media, we have a lot more free time than we claim or think. It’s like the old saying, you make time for the things you care about.

This doesn’t mean you need to call off from work. Two to three hours on a weeknight or weekend isn’t much to ask or sacrifice. Make an effort by texting or even calling to suggest a bbq, house party, dinner, or day out in the park.

And if you want to maximize your next meet up, may we suggest throwing some games into the mix?

We are definitely biased, but games are an amazing and easy way to maximize your quality time by filling it with laughter, friendly competition, and building unforgettable memories.

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