Family Game good for kids AND Adults

It can be difficult for parents to find games and activities that are appropriate for children while still being engaging and challenging for parents.

* Too easy – 

The number one reason is it is so difficult to find good family games is because kids games tend to be too easy. With Cards That Make You lol, parents don’t get an upper hand when it comes to party tricks just by virtue of being older.

*Humor – 

Adult humor is all well and good, but it is obviously not meant for children. What happens with games only made for kids, the humor tends to be elementary. With cards that make you lol, the humor is universal as you marvel 

* Too Complicated –

The final factor that makes a game good for families is the level of complication. Sure, adults wants to be challenged as well as children, but in order to have a game that spans multi generations the rules needs to be easily understood by everyone.

While finding game that meets all the criteria for a family game means a little extra research and diligence, the opportunity to include all members of your family and for everyone (young and older) to still find the game engaging and fun is more than worth the effort. At In Stitches Games we hope to make the search for the perfect family game a little bit easier for you with Cards That Make You lol. 

Camille Hugh is the founder of In Stitches Games, a company dedicated to helping people laugh out loud, release their inner child, and get to know each other better in a fun and unique way. Get 50% off Cards That Make You lol for a limited time at

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